Hemma & Jest Dobrze

If, just like us, you’re delighted by furniture and accessories from mid-century modern and PRL, you’ve probably been following her for a long time. Joanna is the owner of the Jest Dobrze brand and has been in the furniture-renovation business for years now. And she’s a true perfectionist. Combined with being a furniture freak makes each and every furniture that went through her workshop keep their uniqueness. Joanna does all that’s within her earthly powers to renovate furniture according to the rule-book and that they are refurbished as closed as possible to their original state. Details are extremely important to her. She even takes on herself the most arduous works such as weaving armchair’s seat. She basically loves her job and her bible is the ’Upholsterers’ Guide’.

Furniture and renovations are on her mind all the time. Even in the spare one. Always takes a couple of essential tools with her on holidays in case she comes across a piece of furniture in need of some maintenance. One could envy her the fervour and congratulate on skills. Plus, she’s a treasure-trove of knowledge about the mid-century modern design, a workhorse and extremely warm, open and positive person.

No wonder we’re so happy that we can create hemma together with her. All the products that you can browse and buy in our store have been renovated by Joanna or at least the work has been approved by her. And trust us – that’s not an easy test to pass. Just take a look at some of the recent work of Jest Dobrze.