Interview with Joanna Tarach, owner of Jest Dobrze brand

Today we have a real treat for our blog readers – a conversation with our leading renovator, and a truly special person Joanna. Believe me – it was not easy because Asia is not one of those people who like to talk about themselves and their work. My aim was to take a closer look at her personality and work, but also to find out why women renovate furniture so wonderfully!

Joanna Tarach renowacja mebli

Did I succeed? Maybe not entirely straightforward, but in my opinion our conversation as a whole answers this question :).

Amelia – Hello Asia! I am pleased that you agreed to talk and share this conversation on the blog. I would like our readers and clients to learn more about you, your work, to let them know why our furniture not only looks impeccable, but also has fantastic vibrations 🙂 To start with, tell us how it happened that you gave up your previous job and decided to renovate furniture proffessionally?

Joanna: If you think about it, I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember. I read, watched, gave new life to old objects, not calling it renovation at that time. The reason for parting with my previous occupation was prosaic. Burnout. I was dealing with tranings which at certain point in time gave me nothing but financial security. Some tangles of events have guided me where I am. Where should I be.

– You come from a family with craft traditions? Did you help or rather disturb?

– Not at all! Well, maybe not exactly. My parents worked behind the desk, but in fact, artisan blood runs through my veins. Grandparents were craftsmen and artists. I had a family of weavers, leatherworkers and turners. But it was the contact with wood and its smell that stuck in my memory. Holidays spent with grandparents in the countryside, watching my grandfather during woodworking, grandmother who taught me how to sew on an old German machine, all of this is somewhere partly what I do now. Years later it came back to me and it became not a job but a passion that allows me to keep up. And this is an extremely exciting combination.

Joanna Tarach renowacja mebliFor some time now, as you know, I have been renovating furniture and accessories just for myself and I must admit that it is hard physical work! It didn’t scare you away?

I knew exactly what I was getting into. Hard physical work does not deter me, and even helped me overcome my hyperactivity. I don’t like to sit back. I like to act and create.

Do you support yourself with rehabilitation, massages, do you train? Or maybe you know some mega tricks that make work lighter, or you are just a superwoman?

– Amelka, all of us women are superwomen! Multitasking, multifaceted, obstinate. There are injuries, rehabilitation, but who would pay attention to it? When you get into a certain rhythm, the work is not so hard anymore, or you do not notice it. 🙂

Do you have moments of doubt or, on the contrary, do you make sure every day that it’s great that you’re where you are?

I promised myself and my family that we spend weekends together and I like this time very much, but I am also happy before Mondays. I haven’t had any doubts about what I do, but there are times when it can be very hard. Especially when problematic pieces arrive at the workshop and the string of constant failures drags on for weeks.

– Why do you think girls are so good at the difficult profession of a renovator, what are their predispositions and special powers? Or maybe they have something that men lack?

– Both are doing great, complementing each other. Women are more precise and detailed. While men analytical, creative and strong. I enjoy working with men, we can learn from each other. And that’s great.

Well allright, women see more colors … although I know of a few cases of men going beyond the basic RGB palette.

– How do male colleagues react to you?

– The world is changing and women in this profession cease to be a surprise. I often hear the question: “Do you do it alone, such things? This is hard work, not for a woman ”! And it’s a fact that I can’t do some things on my own, but then I have a great team.

– What is the biggest reward for you at work?

– Constant learning. Challenges. Out of the ordinary. Well, the greatest satisfaction is to meet the people who pick up renovated furniture. It’s priceless to hear them being deeply thankful for the fact that their sentimental, forgotten piece of furniture has gained a new life.

– The greatest professional success and setback.

I consider every renovation to be a smaller or bigger success, and I’d rather not talk about mishaps. I’ll just say that they happen. May as rare as possible 🙂

– The longest project.

– At the beginning, learned by experience of my previous work, I started recording work time, but I gave up quickly. My work is a pleasure for me, sometimes I curse, sometimes even vigorously but it is still a pleasure. And why measure pleasure? My older son says that I rest while working.

Joanna Tarach renowacja mebli

– Do you have a favorite mid-century designer?

– This is a period full of shapes, forms and art. I would be irrational focusing on one name when there were so many good projects around. I like both our native projects and the projects of our foreign neighbors. I am constantly discovering new forms, which fascinates me very much.

– Career plans for the future?

– I would like to do what I do as long as it’s possible, and above all, that it would always be a pleasure.

– Does your family support you on your chosen path or would you prefer mom and wife working behind desk?

– My family doesn’t know any different version of me. My husband is a great support for me and I am very grateful to him for this, because living with such a woman is certainly not the easiest one.

-How does your house look like? 100% design of the PRL are there any modern touches?

– My home is a continuous metamorphosis. I like changes. Quite obsessive :). My husband laughs, it’s good that I don’t have much free time, otherwise I would still be renovating. There were always antiques that I loved since I was a child. They were always present in the form of additions. Currently dominated the decor.

– Your dream piece of furniture is.

-The one I don’t have yet.

– Can you still pass by the bulky waste indifferently?

I will never pass by the bulky waste indifferently! It is a great place to obtain old, worked wood, old handles, screws and other details necessary to restore a piece of furniture in accordance with the original or even preserving the era.

-We have a holiday and vacation season. Do you have any particularly beloved vacation destinations? Basic holiday equipment is?

We spend our family holidays in Masuria. This is where I come from and where I left part of myself. Lakes, meadows and, above all, a forest are places where I feel best. I can at least break away from everyday life and lose myself. However…
a set of scrapers always accompanies my escapades


– Thank you for agreeing to have this conversation and letting us enjoy with these beautiful photos!

Jest DobrzeJoanna Tarach Jest DobrzeJest Dobrze

Pictures taken in Jest Dobrze and in Masuria.

Photographer: Jacek Tarach

Chair: King Edward from Bent Furniture Factory Jasienica “Jafameg” Type A-983

Dress: vintage, handicrafts from a family wardrobe, PRL