In the world of ever-encompassing single-use and short-liveness we put our faith in craftsmanship and functional design. We know that one cannot turn back time, but a new life can be always given.

We dig up the forgotten gems of 50’s, 60’s and 70’s’ design and let them write a new chapter of their story.

We put a lot of work into restoring them to a state where they would be a delight then as well as today.

Our work is a tribute to timeless design and its creators.

We believe that not everything has to be brand new and we want to contribute to reuse, less waste culture that respects raw materials and hand work.

Apart from appreciation for beauty and utility of our products we want our activity to be nature-friendly and to actively promote sustainable development, saving raw materials when possible and recycling. We are aware that human actions has made irreparable changes to the planet but at the same time we deeply believe that every choice makes a difference.  Little by little does the trick.

In hemma we believe that…

Furniture that are born out of beautiful design and flawless craft should serve us for as long as it is possible. They are true pearls. Each of them unique, even if made in a batch. They grown into their own history. Now, you can be part of it.

Isn’t it better to care after what is already made than manufacture new things? To use to the fullest than to constantly search for new things that stop making sense in a few years?

Living among natural materials, such as wood, helps livings a satisfied life and design a calm place for a true relaxation. We know what we’re talking about – we tried it on ourselves: the less cheap plastics there are around us, the nicer and healthier the living. In our everyday life we go back to using wood, glass, metal and natural clothings.

Production of waste should and must be cut down every day, every step – that’s our responsibility towards our planet, ourselves and our children. Earth is a wonderful land that has suffered enough from human hands. Time to put stop to that.

Awareness gives us possibilities and opens up for new challenges.

In order to save the world we must build and educate conscious and caring customers.

Every „366” or „Lisek” can be saved if you really want to 🙂

Mision of hemma is to show the beauty of design from ’50s, ’60s and ’70s to wider audience and to find new homes for our renewed pears.

As promotors of second hand furniture, we stand in stark opposition to the mass production that devastates natural resources and does not appreciate human work often times by underpaying workers and craftsmen.

Hemma is a hub of any information on the most interesting projects, its designers and history. A hub that shares all commercial art information.

Hemma in swedish means “at home”. We want our furniture to create friendly, cozy spaces, where you feel good and rest easily.

Our team


Owner of workplace Jest Dobrze. In hemma responsible for renovation of majority of products available in our online store. Joanna is exceptional furniture freak, workhorse, naturally born perfectionist. She can discuss on waxes, meterial colors and restoration tools for hours. Her favourite book is “Upholsterer guidebook”.


Lost in PRL design. Perpetually, with unfailing enthusiasm looks for new furniture for restoration. While having breaks between carrying back and forth armchairs and tables Michał is increasing his knowledge on mid-century modern design. He makes sure everything works fine, fills in all excel sheets, controls, motivates, plans. Michał is always one step ahead.


In hemma she is responsible for photos, website, online shop and social media. Apart from her mid-century modern fascination she loves yoga, horseback riding and gardening. Amelia believes that zero waste idea and veganism can save the world.