Our collection Two designers of the ŁAD Cooperative and their two different chairs! Irena Żmudzińska (supposedly) and Franciszek Aplewicz (for sure)

Today we want to show you two specials chairs we have. Why exactly these chairs? First of all we like them and they are unique! They are very comfortable too, and what is really important – they are made of our favorite ash wood!
The smaller chair with a plywood seat is stamped by the ŁAD Cooperative carpentry workshop in Kłodzko. We were unable to confirm unequivocally who designed the chair, but two sources pointed to Irena Żmudzińska as its author. The second chair is a stool-chair designed by Franciszek Aplewicz. A label with a rather enigmatic model designation (“PM-8”) has been preserved and indicates that the chair was made in only one copy(?).
If any of you have ever come across other copies of the furniture we present here, be sure to let us know!