Renovation of the 345 chair designed by the Racinowski&Jędrachowicz duo

The phenomenal 345 armchair was designed by students of interior design – Konrad Racinowski and Janina Jędrachowicz. The project from the mid-1950s was shortly produced by the Poznań Furniture Factory. This is a rare and unique chair, it is not widely available, so if you find a copy in the attic, take good care of it or sell it to us! Joanna already has a lot of experience in bringing him to a state of delight. And as you will see when reading the next steps of renovation – it is not an easy job. It requires skills, patience and great knowledge.

345 chair reconditioning step by step

The first steps are, of course, undressing the chair. In the end of this stage, its steel construction appeared. In the case of one chair it was damaged and required repair. After efficient welding  the construction acquired the original stability.

The next step was to clean the wooden elements – the armchair does not have many, so this stage went smoothly. It took Joanna more time to glue the damaged wooden elements and fill the cavities.

After that the wooden elements had to be finished. It was done with the use of traditional shellac polish in orange color.

However, the most demanding of all stages – which lasted the longest and proved to be a big challenge – was the reconstruction of the chair and its upholstery. Here, Marek, a master of upholstery with many years of experience came to help.

We must emphasize here that when renovating armchairs we do not use upholstery foam, and whenever possible, our furniture is reconstructed in accordance with the original design. That’s why this chair was practically built from the beginning, step by step. Straps have been sewn, springs tied (this does not even sound like an easy job;)) and so prepared form could go on to the next phase of reconstruction in accordance with the original design and traditional craftsmanship, i.e. using, among others, seagrass, jute, buddle.

The final stage – sewing upholstery (where each element was sewn by hand) and combining it with the bottom layers – was the most time-consuming. Hard work…

But the final effect was worth all that work! Navy blue chair can be viewed and purchased in the store (click). Burgundy will be available before end of March. If you want to see it and touch it before buying, we invite you to contact us and meet in our showroom at Paryska 16 in Saska Kępa. Send us a message at [email protected] to arrange a convenient date (click).

And this is how our gray copy looks like – your favorite home armchair! 🙂

Renowacja fotela 345 Racinowski Jędrachowicz

Renowacja fotela 345 Racinowski Jędrachowicz

Renowacja fotela 345 Racinowski Jędrachowicz

Renowacja fotela 345 Racinowski Jędrachowicz Renowacja fotela 345 Racinowski Jędrachowicz