Photo story of the renovation of Edmund Homa’s unique GFM-120 chair

Armchair GFM-120 was designed by Edmund Homa in the ’70s for Gościcińska Fabryka Mebli. Looking at this armchair, it is impossible to resist the impression that his author, a scholarship student at the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, was inspired by Scandinavian furniture from that period. This extremely rare chair basically looks more like a sculpture than a simple piece of furniture. In addition, it was made of oak, which makes it look very noble. Well, and above all it is very comfortable!

The chair itself came to us in a relatively good condition, and its structure, except for the cracks at the base, was intact. See how Joanna’s work looked step by step. The chair has been pre-cleaned by hand from the old paint coating using cyclins. (1,2) Then sanded with sandpaper of various gradations. The grinding dust was collected. (3,4,5). The cracks have been stuck. (10,7) Wood dust from grinding was used to prepare the putty that was filled in. (9) A spirit stain was prepared. The right proportion of stain in powder and alcohol allowed to obtain the desired color. (8) The root plucking was cleaned by hand using a suitable spatula. (6) Back rest rattan in some places required completion, it was done using old raffia from disassembly from another chair (everything is useful;)). At the end, the chair was gently curled and secured with an oil-wax.

We do not sell the armchair (unless you find the second one), but you can admire it in the fanpage gallery Jest Dobrze (click here).

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Renovation story of unique armchair GFM-120 by Edmund Homa
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