Vintage in the modern living room

After years of moving, buying and reselling different furniture, we have finally achieved the desired effect and our living room can be regarded as furnished! What do we have here?

• Polish armchair No. 360 (dark blue) designed in the 1950s by Janusz Różański and manufactured in 1960,
• Polish armchair No. 345 (maroon) designed by Janina Jędrachowicz and Konrad Racinowski and manufactured in the 1950s,
• British afromosia sofa designed by Guy Rogers, manufactured in 1964,
• Polish coffee table of the Furniture Industry Union from the 1960s,
• Scandinavian afromosia auxiliary table, probably from the 1960s,
• German sideboard from the early 1960s from a carpentry workshop in Lychen (former GDR area),
• Polish metalwork candlesticks,
• Polish carpet so called “Flame” produced in Kietrz in the seventies,
• in the background also Polish mid century modern furniture – the cabinet of the ŁAD Cooperative and the chair designed by Władysław Ksieżyc in the 1960s, also the ŁAD Cooperative, and at the table a chair probably by Irena Żmudzińska, also the ŁAD Cooperative,
• and the TREE! it’s araucaria!

We hope you like it!


vintage w salonie

vintage w pokoju dziennym